Scams On Seniors To Be Avoided

Nowadays, seniors are the target of many different fraud organizations because they are more susceptible to fall prey to different types of scams because of their high vulnerability. The statistics are alarming of how much fraudulence there is out there and how many seniors get scammed. The majority of scams involve Medicare, con artists disguised in health representatives knocking on their doors asking them to provide personal information to get their health needs covered. Same happens when these health care representatives sell counterfeit prescription drugs that besides being very expensive can also turn out to be very harmful substances that may cause detrimental health implications. Anti-aging products are also on the list of top scams performed by the same health care agents who distribute fake Botox to those who want to get rid of fine lines by any means. Such scams can happen both, face-to –face or on the phone. Therefore, it’s somewhat difficult to trace such scammers.

Another scam is in the insurance market to seniors. Many agents are out to take seniors for a ride, however there are ways to be sure you get the best coverage. For those on Medicare, which is most people over the age of 65, it really can be easy finding additional coverage. Search all the Medicare supplement plans in 2016 to see which one fits your needs the best. Then, find an independent agent who will shop all the rates from the best carriers to see what’s best for you each year.

Some other major scams are performed in the domain of investment because more and more seniors are looking for investment options, especially in real estate. And real estate is the target of many con artists as well. Some of the most famous cons are Bernie Madoff’s pyramid schemes as well as the rich Nigerian prince looking for partnership in real estate investment. And the truth is that many seniors fall prey to such pyramid schemes. That is why we would like to raise the awareness today to end this crime that is happening throughout the entire U.S. territory.

Seniors are highly advised to have their own legal representatives checking out any cases that involve giving out their personal information and money to unknown organizations and/or third parties. If you don’t have a legal representative, you should consider hiring a highly acclaimed legal agent who operates within your region in order to make sure scams like these won’t ever happen to you.

Activities for Seniors to Stay Healthy

It is undoubtedly very much important for every person and more specially for seniors to stay active physically on regular basis. As senior citizens get active, it tends to slow down the aging procedure, stimulating the brain, help to keep muscles mobile and to keep all types of chronic illnesses away.

Engaging activities exclusively for senior health

There are several outdoor and indoor activities, which seniors can engage themselves throughout the year to be fit and active, while enjoying robust health.

  • Golfing: Be it an 18 hold golf course, putt and pitch, most of the times, golfing does require eye-hand coordination, clear thinking and plenty of walking.
  • Swimming: There is no exercise that is as complete as swimming for a healthy body and mind. Seniors can be fit by taking part in water aerobics, which can be much easier for the joints. Also it helps to enhance metabolism, while improving cardiovascular health. The other benefits derived from water aerobics include flexibility, agility and strength. It offers the person with full body workout.
  • Bowling: Outdoor lawn bowling or indoor bowling contributes towards motor skills, coordination and balance. Moreover, it can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and ages. It is termed to be a wonderful sport for everyone.
  • Racquet sports: Plenty of sport activities are present which involve using racquet such as table tennis, badminton, racquetball, squash and tennis. All racquet sports need techniques, skills, strength, strategic thinking and speed.
  • Senior Softball: Softball playing is regarded to be an entertaining and fun filled social sport activity, especially for seniors. If played for leisure or competitively, it helps to promote hand-eye coordination, endurance and muscular strengthening.
  • Dancing: Different dancing types are performed across the globe, ranging from line dancing, square dancing, ballroom dancing and much more. The benefits derived from it are considered to be immense. It can help to lower down high blood pressure, control cholesterol levels and diabetes, maintenance of weight and stress levels.
  • Walking: One can easily join senior walking groups. The group can meet in shopping malls and parks. Dressing appropriately for weather along with good walking shoe pair is what required for walking.

Most seniors take advantage of the Medicare program in this country, and rightly so. Making sure you have the best insurance is vital to staying stress free. Medicare Supplement plans in 2016 are not changing in benefits and provide the very best coverage you could possibly get. Be sure to check rates from all the top companies to make sure you don’t over pay.